VW Rabbit Convertible / Cabriolet Hatch Area Forever Panels
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VW Rabbit Convertible / Cabriolet Hatch Area Forever Panels

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Sold as a set of 3; right, left and trunk lid. You will receive 3 hatch panels and a sticker packaged in a poly bag.

Here's your chance to finish off that ugly hatch area with these accurate reproductions!  Most VW Rabbit panels are warped and misshapen due to wet weather attacking the flimsy cardboard that the factory supplied, so people typically threw them out once they got all soggy.

These panels come as a set of 3 (left, right and trunk lid) and are cut from sturdy, weatherproof ABS plastic. The panels feature a textured side and a smooth side, and fit the factory trunk light perfectly. You just attach them using the original factory hardware.

The textured surface will usually be covered with whatever fabric or vinyl you choose, but the textured surface does look attractive on it's own. You can even paint them whatever color you'd like.

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