90-97 Miata ABS Forever Panels
90-97 Miata ABS Forever Panels
90-97 Miata ABS Forever Panels
90-97 Miata ABS Forever Panels
90-97 Miata ABS Forever Panels
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90-97 Miata ABS Forever Panels

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Sold as a matched pair; right and left. You will receive 2 door panels, instructions, and a sticker packaged in a poly bag.

Most Mazda Miata door panels are warped and misshapen due to wet weather attacking the flimsy cardboard that the factory supplied.

These panels come as a matched left and right pair and are cut from sturdy, weatherproof ABS plastic on my laser cutter. The panels feature a textured side and a smooth side that has all the options from 1990-1997 half-cut into the back. These option markings don't go all the way through, so if you do not need them, you will not have unwanted holes in your panel. You can use a flat-head screwdriver to pop the sections out, or simply trace these cut-outs with a Dremel tool or an X-acto knife to use them.

Here's a video explaining how: https://youtu.be/-chyhHeX7Vs

Marked options on the back include:
-arm rest/ door pull 3-hole style
-door pull, banana 2-hole style
-manual window hole
-special edition LE speaker grille mounting holes
-90/93 2-piece panel cut out for speaker surround
-94/95 4-tab speaker grilles
-95/97 bolt-on speaker grilles
-97 upper panel cutout for shoulder support

These panels are the correct factory thickness - they are not 1/8" thick press-board like some of the aftermarket door panels - ABS plastic is extremely durable and weather-proof!

You will use your factory uppers, and you'll use your factory plastic attachment clips. The uppers screw to the new panels just like the factory panels, and the clips simply slide into the provided holes - just like the factory panels.

The textured surface will usually be covered with whatever fabric or vinyl you choose, but the textured surface does look attractive on it's own - maybe for a lightweight, race-inspired look. Be aware that the mounting clips will show and the door opener-cup will not fit snugly to the panel without any vinyl / cloth covering (this won't affect it's use, just something to note. See close up pic of door handle).

Distributors are invited to contact me.

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